Citation: Sandvik, H., L. Gederaas og O. Hilmo (2017) Guidelines for the Generic Ecological Impact Assessment of Alien Species, version 3.5. Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre, Trondheim. 105 pages. [English parallel edition of a booklet that was originally published in Norwegian].

ISBN: 978-82-92838-46-4.

BugAbstract: The guidelines explain the methodology underlying the assessment of the ecological impact exerted by alien species in Norwegian nature. Chapter 1 provides a short introduction to the topic and the scientific and legal background of the risk assessment. Chapter 2 defines the terms used and the historical, geoegraphical, ecological and taxonomic delimitations of the risk assessment. Chapter 3–5 describe how the data are input to the AlienSpeciesDatabase. The guidelines close with a survey over changes in method and criteria, references and a glossary. The Appendix contains the set of criteria; the rationale behind the changes implemented since 2012; an explanation of the advantages of quantitative sets of criteria; a list of pathways; explanations of nature types, biogeographical regions, ecosystem services and Red List criteria; the list of species for which assessment has been requested; and the instructions of the R-scripts lifetime og expansion.

Full text: © 2017 Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre. The publication may be downloaded here (pdf, 3.2 MB).