Citation: Sandvik, H. (2013) Methods and set of criteria. Pages 57–64 in Alien species in Norway – with the Norwegian Black List 2012 (edited by L. Gederaas, T. L. Moen, S. Skjelseth, and L.-K. Larsen), Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre, Trondheim, Norway [English parallel edition of a report that was originally published in Norwegian].

Risk classification scheme of alien speciesSummary: The Norwegian risk classification of alien species is an assessment of their impact on the native biota. Impact is the product of the species’ local ecological effects and the area they have colonised, and so the risk assessment uses a two-dimensional classification scheme, in which the x axis measures the species’ invasions potential, while the y axis expresses their ecological effects. The scheme applies three criteria to quantify invasion potential (incl. rates of establishment and spread) and six criteria to capture effects on native species and landscapes.

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