Citation: Sandvik, H. (2016) [Book review of] Karl Popper and the two new secrets of life [by] Hans-Joachim Niemann. Zeitschrift für philosophische Forschung, 70, 141–144.

DOI: 10.3196/004433016818285971 [what’s a doi?].

Abstract: A rather critical review of Karl Popper and the two new secrets of life: including Karl Popper’s Medawar Lecture 1986 and three related texts (Niemann 2014). My main criticism is that the book’s attempt to expand on Popper’s "active Darwinism" is based on a number of severe misconceptions and erroneous assumptions about evolution, development and epigenetics. On the other hand, the book contains an appendix with four previously unpublished biological texts by Popper, which makes it an important contribution to the philosophy of biology.

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