Citation: Sandvik, H. (2003) Book review [of] Genes, categories, and species [by] Jody Hey. Systematic Biology, 51, 565–567.

DOI: 10.1080/10635150390197064 [what’s a doi?].

Abstract: A rather critical review of Genes, categories, and species: the evolutionary and cognitive causes of the species problem (Hey 2001). My main criticisms are:
– that many of the book’s claims and ideas are not explained, and/or argued for, in sufficient detail to be evaluated, and
– that most of them are not as novel as is suggested.
The most important (in the sense of novel/controversial) messages of the book are that one, in using the word "species", should distinguish clearly between real species (entities) and species taxa; and that one should avoid presenting species counts.

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